On Sale! Fluke FT330 Fiber Inspector Video Microscope –

On Sale! Fluke FT330 Fiber Inspector Video Microscope –

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Fluke Microtest Microtest FT330 Fiber Optic Test
FT330 Fiber Inspector Video Microscope

Fluke Microtest FT330 FT-330 Fiber Video Microscope Models On Sale Warranty Calibration Backed by The Best Service and Lowest Prices in the Industry.

FLUKE FT330 Fiber Inspector

Easily inspects installed fiber connectors on patch panels and hardware devices
Easily inspects cables and cable assemblies
Contains high-magnification optics that provide crisp, clear images of microscopic debris and end-face damage
Eliminates the hazards of inspecting live fiber
Ten times faster than traditional scopes
Inspect fiber connections quickly and safely with Fluke Networks’ FT300 FiberInspector.

Dirt, dust and other contaminants are the enemy of high-speed data transmission over optical fiber. With today’s network applications requiring more bandwidth and loss budgets being tighter than ever before, it is critical that all optical connections are clean and free of contaminants to ensure network operation.

The Fluke Networks FT300 FiberInspector puts the solution for your fiber testing business right before your eyes. This portable video microscope works ten times faster than traditional scopes. Simply insert the probe and inspect installed fiber connectors through the bulkhead adapters without accessing the backside of the patch panels.

Inspect All Terminations

Inspecting fiber optic terminations in patch panels, hardware devices, test equipment and cable assemblies can be a real challenge without the right tool. You can inspect connectors at the end of a fiber link with a traditional fiber inspection microscope. But how do you get to installed connectors? And how do you access critical fiber connectors on a hardware device?
The FT300 FiberInspector from Fluke Networks is the solution. This portable video microscope gives you superior vision by enabling you to inspect all types of installed fiber terminations in hardware devices and patch panels.

The FT300 FiberInspector saves you time by eliminating the need to access the backside of patch panels or disassemble hardware devices prior to inspection. Instead of removing each individual fiber, you can insert the video probe and inspect the fiber while it’s still in place. This is the only practical way to inspect most hardware devices where disassembly is not a realistic option.

The FT300 FiberInspector includes a handheld LCD display unit and a small, lightweight probe that contains a long-life LED light source and CCD video camera. The probe adapter tip mates with the connector and projects crisp, clear images of microscopic debris and end-face damage on the LCD display. The video display allows you to look at a fiber end-face without looking into the fiber, eliminating all chance of harmful laser light reaching your eye.

Fluke Microtest Microtest FT330

Reduce Contamination

Fiber hardware devices feature connectors at the front or back. These connectors are very difficult to check since they are mounted inside the device’s enclosure. If a contaminated jumper is inserted, the termination inside the device becomes contaminated and contributes to signal loss. The FT300 FiberInspector? never touches the termination, reducing the risk of contamination.
Rugged Design

The FT300 FiberInspector is rugged in design to withstand the drops and other mishaps that occur in today’s network installation environments. The hard carrying case protects your equipment when not in use, so it’s ready to go when you are.

Fluke FT330 FiberInspector (Display only)
AC Adapter
Hard Carrying Case


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