On Sale! Fluke FTK200 Multimode Optical Fiber Test Kit –

On Sale! Fluke FTK200 Multimode Optical Fiber Test Kit –

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Fluke Microtest Microtest FTK-200 Fiber Optic Test

Fluke FTK-200 Multimode Fiber Loss Test Kit
Fluke FM150 SM MM Power Meter w/
Fluke FS150 MM 850 / 1300nm Fiber Source

Power Meter:
– 850nm
– 1300nm
– 1310nm
– 1550nm

Includes Hard Carrying Case & Accessories As Listed

FTK200 FTK 200 FM 150 FS 150 FM-150 FS-150

Fluke Microtest FTK200 FTK-200 MM Fiber Loss Test Set Models On Sale Warranty Calibration Backed by The Best Service and Lowest Prices in the Industry.

Fluke FTK200 MM Optical Fiber Test Kit :

Fluke FM150 Fiber Meter (850nm, 1300nm, 1310nm & 1550nm) + Fluke FS150 Fiber Source (850nm + 1300nm).

To effectively test and inspect multimode fiber optic links, you need equipment that can get the job done fast. It helps if you have all the tools you need in one compact kit. Whether you require basic fiber link testing capabilities or more advanced documentation and report generation, Fluke’s Optical Fiber Test Kits offer you the rugged quality fiber test tools to meet all of your fiber test needs.

FTK200 is ideal for contractors whose fiber installation needs require automated test data recording, results management and report generation.

The compact, rugged Fluke Test Kit goes beyond optical fiber testing to include storage, documentation and report generation. Unique features include 500-record memory, serial port for printing and software for creating reports.

Model FTK200’s easy-to-use fiber testers speed up the testing and inspection of multimode fiber optic links. Everything is provided in this portable kit to measure optical power and optical power loss at 850 nm, 1300 nm, 1310 nm and 1550 nm.

Use the FM150 Fiber Meter to measure power loss of multimode or singlemode fibers. It also measures output power from optical sources such as network interface cards and optical test equipment. Power is displayed in dBm, loss in dB and output power in dBm or µW. Loss readings are compared to the stored reference level.

The meter automatically stores up to 500 measurements for each wavelength. A serial port lets you print measurements on a serial printer or upload measurements to a PC. Fluke Networks’ (OPTIONAL) Data-LINK™ software allows you to upload test results to a PC, view measurements, add header information to create test
reports plus save and print reports. You can capture live data from the meter for optical power stability tests.

Productivity-enhancing features include single port for both output wavelengths which eliminates the need to disconnect fibers when testing two wavelengths. The meter operates for up to 30 hours on a single 9-V battery.

An automatic power-down feature turns the meter off if no keys are pressed for five minutes to help conserve battery power. Instant battery check feature displays remaining battery life.

Condition: Refurbished
Warranty: 90 Day Exchange

Fluke Microtest Microtest FTK-200

Fluke FM150 Fiber Optical Power Meter (BC# 5912A)
– Power Meter:
– ST Connector For Power Meter
Fluke FS150 MultiMode Source (BC# 5912B)
– MM Source:
– ST Connector For Source
(2) MM ST-ST Fiber Cable
ST-ST Fiber Connectors
User Manual On CD-ROM
Hard Carrying Case


Fluke FTK200 Spec Sheet


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